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2020 will be our 6th season and as always, we expect it to be an action packed, magical experience for all. Come and enjoy an unforgettable week of learning, community and fun with 55 saxophonists from around the world. Scroll down for more info, or see our Pricing and FAQ for more details.


The Inside:Outside Retreat for Saxophonists is a summer camp for adult saxophonists (age17-70+) hosted by Grammy-Award winning saxophonist Bob Reynolds, Bob Franceschini, and Bob Hemenger (The Bobs).

It's held over one week in August at Wooten Woods—multi Grammy-Award winning bassist Victor Wooten's music and nature facility in the Tennessee woods.

Past guest teaching artists included Chris Potter, Joshua Redman, Kirk Whalum, Aaron Goldberg, Steve Wilson, Jeff Coffin, Chris Cheek and Branford Marsalis.


“This retreat was easily one of the most influential and life-changing experiences of my life on both a musical and personal level.”
—Dustin K., attendee

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Connect your practicing, listening, and
improvising in a holistic way.


Once upon a time, three Bob's had an idea...

What if there was a place to get a bunch of saxophone players away from all our modern distractions and focus on making better music for a few days?

A place where you could share the music-making process in a holistic way, with enough time for students to make game-changing progress?

Enter the Inside:Outside retreat

This is not a camp about playing inside or outside the changes (though we'll certainly dive deep into both of those topics). 

Making music—especially the highly personal, improvised version—requires a lot of knowledge and skill...but it also demands vulnerability.

To make great music on the outside you have to know—and be comfortable with—who you are inside.

What to expect

Come join 3 Bobs and 55 fellow saxophonists for a week designed to inspire, inform and invert the way you process, practice and perform music.

Held at Victor Wooten’s Center for Music and Nature in Only, Tennessee, this is an intimate group event. You will practice and perform daily, surrounded by people eager to learn and to share what they've learned.

We'll start Tuesday night by setting the groundwork for the connections that will follow. You’ll also meet chef John.

full days

Wednesday through Saturday you’ll rotate through 4 workshops per day with the Bobs—and special guest instructors. 

The daily workshops will focus on:

  • optimizing your practicing

  • improvising

  • listening

  • learning tunes

  • composing

  • playing in different styles

  • professional & career aspects

  • and more

There will be Q&A sessions, exercises and practice time, and performances in small groups. Bring your questions, your musical frustrations, and most of all, your enthusiasm and desire to grow.

Who it's for

This retreat is for the player who has a real desire to improve.

We are looking for those who have at least a couple years on the horn (intermediate to advanced) and are 17 years of age or older. If you have doubts of your level send us some video or recordings to check out and we will get back to you quickly.

Our focus will be getting you in touch with your inner musical self. We want to help you maximize your practice time, deepen your listening skills, and find a path toward improvisation that reflects who you are as a person.

Part of that journey will include something you've probably never experienced at any other jazz camp or school: an integrated experience with nature. Bob Hemenger will open your eyes—and ears—to how a deeper connection with nature can enhance your musical expression.

“For future attendees: do not underestimate the role of Bob Hemenger. His activities are designed to bring you closer to your real essence and beware contempt in yourself and in others. It' only a mechanism that stems from insecurity and prevents one from embracing the unknown.”

Pierre Guillemette, 2015 attendee



2020 Dates TBD. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified as soon as dates are set and registration is open. Click here to sign up.


Wooten Woods (one hour outside Nashville, TN)


Saxophone players age 17 and up. (We've had players in their early 70s) You just need to have at least a few years of playing under your belt and a strong desire to improve. Don't worry about your experience level. We divide players into smaller groups to pair you with people in more or less the same boat as you. You'll get the instruction you need based on where you are in your development.


- on-site lodging
- ALL meals from dinner on Tuesday through breakfast on Sunday
- ground transportation to and from BNA airport
- and of course, four full days of classes, clinics, concerts, guest lectures, and your final concert with a pro band.

PLEASE have a look at these photos to get a feel for the retreat

The retreat is limited to 55 players.