Welcome to Victor Wooten's Center for Music and Nature


Wooten Woods is a 150-acre retreat center situated on the bank of the Duck River in Tennessee. The natural environment creates an optimal place to get closer to music, nature, and yourself.


Why in the woods?


"To become natural at anything, one must include nature."
—Victor Wooten

From the Wooten Woods website: "Our renowned and proven techniques* include combinations of Music and Nature education, outdoor experiences, and awareness exercises. We understand that to become "natural" at anything, one must include "Nature." Our evolutionary and revolutionary approaches have helped people of all ages and instrumentation from around the world to not only pursue, but reach their life goals no matter what they may be."

*Bob Franceschini and Bob Hemenger are veteran instructors at Victor Wooten's camps.

Watch this video to learn more about the camp facility and philosophy: